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charles bailly's lakecharles bailly's lake

Charles Bailly's Lake

This lake is booked with the fishing season, the picnic and the walk. One finds there pikes, pike perches, carps, tenches, roaches, bleaks, poles common, poles sun, pins,… etc

During the years 1975 to 1980, a large building site came out: the construction of line TGV Paris-Lyon on the commune of Saint-Etienne-on-Chalaronne. A piece of ground offered an abundant gravel and of quality. After extraction of several thousands of m3 of this gravel, the lake of Tallard was born. He is called today after the former mayor of the village: Charles Bailly.
Since the vegetation began again its place and regular maintenance offers in air sight a splendid show. Of a total surface area of 7 hectares, including 4 hectares of water, many birds elected there residence and various fish species reproduce there in quantity.

01140 Saint-Étienne-sur-Chalaronne

Téléphone : 04 74 67 20 68


Office de Tourisme Val de Saône Centre • Centrale
Telephone : 04 74 67 20 68


All year round.


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